Back in the NY Groove

It's been quite some time since I've been able to spend some real hang time, ie: not working, back in my natural habitat (and a while between blog posts--apologies)  but I really enjoyed the week I just spent in NYC…

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Nashville Vietnamese update

Howdy gang, I thought I'd add a few tidbits to my post of a few months back since I've found a new, terrific Vietnamese option in Nashville and revisited an old fave that is back up to standards.


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Hiking the state parks in Nashville

So when the doctor gave me a choice for rehab from my back operation between a cold, sterile facility in the hospital to that of my own choosing, well, you know what I did.  After all, with 30 years of…

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Vietnamese in Nashville

Back from back surgery.  Sorry about the long break but it was very necessary and one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.  Now, back to food...

One of the big surprises I found soon after…

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Some thoughts on Air B&B

If you going to be away for long periods like I was living in London for a year it's very enticing to consider the Air B&B host route.  Yes, you can make good money doing it.  However, I found some…Read more

Branching out: New food excursions in London

With my time running short in London and my year here coming to a close I thought I'd branch out a little and just wing it and try some new places merely based on sight or online reviews so here's…Read more

So we made it to 2017...

I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing good riddance to 2016.  We lost...a lot.  Let's look forward to growth hopefully.

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End of the year wrap up

Been a few more culinary treats (and tricks) since my last post so I'd like to share and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season:

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London Chocolate Fest, British Museum and more

Okay, just about on the mend from the horrible flu or whatever it was going around and what better way to recover than chocolate??  Right!  So, the London Chocolate Fest was nearby in Olympia near Hammersmith so I couldn't resist…Read more

Fall in London

Ah, Fall in London.  Rather than the fall of London <g>.  Fall is magnificent and welcome here.  Not a great or lengthy Summer but I love the crispness in the air now.  Almost the fall of Ed though.  Picked up…Read more