Brand new release - March 2

Our friends at Blue Rose have released another High Line Riders masterpiece, our new album Walking Home.  The album is a little more Americana, a little more country rock and hearkens back to the sound from our original release Somewhere South of Here in 1997.  We really think those of you that have been with us from the beginning will appreciate it most of all.  The early glowing reviews from Europe have already started to roll in with some calling it "Album of the Year".

For our US fans you can download the album from Bandcamp or directly from Ed's store

You can order physical CD or vinyl of the album (or Bumping Into Nothing), exclusively at the  Blue Rose website

Bumping Into Nothing

Released April 17, 2015 on Blue Rose Records....I would say that Bumping Into Nothing definitely rocks more than it twangs. Take a bunch of New York guys reunited in Nashville and I guess we kind of missed the grittiness of the New York scene. Sure we still love pedal steel and have a lovely ballad with country crooner Joanna Smith, and some down home southern drawl in You Can't Get There From Here, but for the most part expect a heavy rhythm section and cranked up guitars with an NYC attitude. A lot of the songs relate to trauma, whether our own or our friends, and sometimes you just have to wail to get those feelings out. There are songs about relationships, the aftermath of natural disaster (also see relationships), dealing with sobriety and feeling lost. Yet with the High Line Riders there is always redemption, a sense of hope, and a few good laughs. We're still here after a fair number of years and we still do it for the joy of making music together.


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